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Watch 301 - Pilot

Watch 301 - Pilot

Up Next in The Monica Grant Show Season 3

  • 302 - Overload

    In episode 2 of "Overload," Dr. Grant deals with the absence of her secretary and the challenges of running her business. Frustrated by her secretary's irresponsible behavior, she contemplates firing her and expresses her disappointment with the younger generation's work ethic. Amid the chaos, Dr...

  • 303 - Confrontation

    Dr. Monica confronts her absentee secretary, Robyn, at a pizza shop and later explores water safety with Swim Strong Foundation's founder, Shawn Slevin.

  • 304 - Meet The CTO

    In Episode 4, amidst the cold snowy weather in New York, Dr. Monica visits Dr. Raphael, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to discuss the product launch. They talk about hiring a new secretary and ensuring the security of their intellectual property. Excitement builds as they test and integrate t...